Creating Knowledge and Maximizing the Value of Data with Ontologies

“What a man doesn’t understand, he does not possess.” This is one of Goethe’s great maxims and it captures well the problems faced by organizations that handle a lot of data. Information in and of itself is not valuable if one cannot find it or understand it. Even worse, people may not even know they […]

The Economist Underscores the Importance of ‘Explainability’ to the Future of AI

Kyndi is building the first Explainable AI™ platform for government, financial services, and healthcare. We firmly believe that explainability is a fundamental product requirement for intelligent systems.  Kyndi’s Founder and CEO Ryan Welsh has written extensively on the Explainable AI™ opportunity, including in this recent post.   We were thus very interested to see that […]

The Productivity Paradox

In 1987 Robert Solow, a Nobel prizewinning economist, famously remarked that “you can see the computer age everywhere but in the productivity statistics.”  The question he and others were asking was: Why is productivity growth low if information technology is advancing rapidly? In 2018, this “Productivity Paradox” has again become one of the hottest topics […]

‘Explainability’ Makes AI More Intelligent and Successful

  The Explainability debate is picking up steam. In a thought-provoking article published recently on Wired, David Weinberger commented: “Don’t Make AI Artificially Stupid in the Name of Transparency.” Instead, he argues for the technocratic approach of optimization. Dave Gershgorn at Quartz picked it up and provided an excellent synthesis in his article yesterday. I […]

Will Artificial Intelligence Live Up to its Promise of Driving Strong Productivity Growth?

With the adoption of modern information technologies, our productivity was expected to increase rapidly. Technologists promised turbo-charged productivity with our ability to communicate instantly with co-workers, draft documents and presentation more quickly, and easily access a seemingly endless supply of digital information. However, that has not happened. A recent commentary by Irving Wladawsky-Berger in the […]

Time is on Your Side: Building Ontologies with the Kyndi Platform

A couple of months ago, we wrote about maximizing the value of data with ontologies. Expressive ontologies enable smarter applications than those built with taxonomies, thesauri, or conceptual models. However, the difficulty of building and maintaining ontologies has prevented their adoption. We have changed that. The traditional ontology-building process for a specific domain is time-consuming […]

Explainable AI™ is the Future

To realize the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI), trust is crucial. Trust comes from understanding — and being able to justify — the reasoning behind an AI system’s conclusions and results. At Kyndi, we believe Explainable AI™ achieves the level of trust that is so important for accelerated growth and acceptance of this revolutionary […]

Growing Demand for AI Solutions That Produce ‘Explainable,’ Auditable Results

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes an increasingly essential part of how organizations of all types and sizes operate, there is a growing recognition that the old “black box” approach used by many AI providers is not sufficient or appropriate. The fact is, many companies doing business in highly regulated sectors as well as governmental entities […]

Helping to Bridge Cultural Resistance to AI

By Martijn Rasser, Director of Analysis, Kyndi Last week, Kyndi participated in the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council’s (ACT-IAC) Government and Artificial Intelligence Forum in Washington, D.C. The event brought together leaders in government and industry to discuss the promise and potential of artificial intelligence (AI), pioneering uses of AI in numerous […]

AI Should Solve A Business Problem

Artificial intelligence solutions for the enterprise are receiving plenty of attention as “the next big thing,” but practical implementation of AI to solve real-world business problems remains elusive to most companies. A recent MIT Sloan Management Review study surveyed more than 3,000 executives, managers and analysts and discovered that almost 85% believed AI would “allow […]