Does Your Company Have a Reading Problem?

By Avery Hua, Kyndi Product Manager With new stories every day about how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way businesses function, it’s tempting to follow suit and attack the same problems that everybody talks about. Robots, cancer diagnostics, and predictive financial models are all exciting use cases and receive plenty of well-deserved hype. When it […]

Reading Automation is Here – Reading at the Speed of Tomorrow

By Ryan Welsh In 2018 I was an applied math and quantitative expert that worked for a prestigious law firm in New York City. The Friday before Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy and kicked off the 2008 global financial meltdown, I was tasked with reading around three years’ worth of information in three days to […]

Turbo Systems CEO Jen Grant on Joining Kyndi’s Board of Directors

Kyndi recently welcomed Jen Grant, CEO of Turbo Systems and former CMO of Looker, to its board of directors. Below is a brief interview with Jen on her decision to join the board and her outlook for the company: WHY ARE YOU JOINING THE KYNDI BOARD OF DIRECTORS? I decided to join the Kyndi board […]

Five Steps to Hyperautomation Nirvana

By Amy Guarino, COO, Kyndi At a recent Gartner conference, David Cearley, a VP and Distinguished Gartner Analyst, introduced the 10 strategic technology trends for 2020.  The number one trend was hyperautomation. The trend seemed to be driven by the evolution of technology. However, I think the real reason why hyperautomation is so strategic is […]

Five Takeaways from AI Summit NY 2019

Kyndi was an exhibitor at last week’s AI Summit in New York City. It was great to get feedback from organizations looking to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and learn more about the types of challenges they are facing. Below are a few our takeaways from the show: RPA. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was a key […]

Six Takeaways from AI World 2019

Kyndi was excited to be a Platinum Sponsor of AI World in Boston last week. This conference is the fourth AI World Conference and Expo and is the largest independent business event focused on the practice of artificial intelligence in the enterprise. Over 2700 attendees joined the event. Plus we had a wonderful customer dinner […]

Explainable AI Isn’t Just About Explanations

By Ryan Welsh, Founder & CEO We created the Explainable AI category several years ago. Since then, it has become increasingly important. In early 2018, The Economist proclaimed, “For AI to thrive, it must explain itself.” In December 2018, a Bloomberg article cited an IBM survey that showed that a lack of explainability was the […]

Six Things We Learned at AI Summit 2019 – San Francisco

Last week, we joined 6000 attendees at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. A beautiful part of the city, albeit quite warm for San Francisco as the temperatures hit 90 degrees. Wanted to share our learnings from the week. 1) Great quote from the US CTO – Need to get AI right. “Our […]

Kyndi Adds $20m to Expand Team and Accelerate Growth

By Ryan Welsh, Kyndi Founder & CEO I’m thrilled to announce that we finalized our Series B funding for $20m, led by Intel Capital.  UL Ventures, PivotNorth, Pinnacle Peak, and all existing investors also participated. Intel’s Sunil Sanghavi joins our board. At Kyndi, our mission is to empower people to do their most meaningful work. […]

Understanding Explainable AI Concepts

As explainability has become a hot topic in the artificial intelligence (AI) community, confusion around the different concepts of explainable AI has surfaced. Right now, “explainable AI” is an umbrella term for several different types of explainability. Below are some of the sub-categories of explainability we are seeing offered today: Training Data Quality Management We’ve […]