AI: Adapting to New Worlds by Generating Ontologies

Six years ago, my family and I moved to America. When we got here, we had to come to terms with a whole new way of speaking/thinking/being. Things as simple as asking for “takeout” rather than “takeaway” when you were ordering food made a massive difference. Or for example, ordering a hamburger and being faced

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Skipping stones: Language and the mystery of meaning

Kyndi works in the domain of modeling and understanding natural language. To explain why this is a worthy challenge, I’d like to share some thoughts on what makes language, or “unstructured data,” so hard to work with. Every piece of writing is more than the sum of its words. Think of writing—or speaking—as a way

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Did Kyndi Upgrade PageRank?

In 2004, Kyndi’s Paul Tarau had an interesting idea. What if you could create an algorithm similar to Google’s PageRank algorithm that ranked the relative importance of words and sentences in text documents? The algorithm could be very useful in Natural Language Processing. It would extract the meaning from text documents and summarize it for

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