Five Steps to Hyperautomation Nirvana

By Amy Guarino, COO, Kyndi

At a recent Gartner conference, David Cearley, a VP and Distinguished Gartner Analyst, introduced the 10 strategic technology trends for 2020.  The number one trend was hyperautomation.

The trend seemed to be driven by the evolution of technology. However, I think the real reason why hyperautomation is so strategic is its ability to unleash the fundamentally new levels of productivity highlighted in “The Productivity Paradox.”

Despite continued technology innovations, productivity growth remains stubbornly sluggish. Reversing that trend will require more than incremental improvements. Businesses must use technology to work differently. And there is no better time to implement those changes than now.

Here are my five steps to Hyperautomation Nirvana:

  1. Challenge everything. Ruthlessly prioritize. If you have always done something that you suspect has little value, stop doing it. See if anyone notices. If they don’t, stop doing it. If it is valuable, figure out a better and more efficient way to do the task. Ask yourself, “Can I automate the process of collecting the data, summarizing the information, or generating alerts?”
  2. Build bots. Our partners, Blue Prism, UiPath and Automation Anywhere, have taken the world by storm by enabling people to build bots to automate these mundane tasks. Learn about and experiment with the power of bots to do tasks differently. Here’s a great list of ideas to get you started.
  3. Reimagine work. Ray Wang, from Constellation Research, often speaks about reimagining work – by augmenting humans or giving humans the context to better prioritize or make smarter decisions. Here is a great article to help you put ideas into action.
  4. Address the #1 bottleneck – read or analyze text faster. Humans can no longer keep up with the volume of reading that’s needed, so you need to rethink your business processes. If you can process information better and faster, you’ll acquire an edge against the competition. If you can apply that skill to multiple business processes, you’ll create a larger edge. Ryan Welsh, Founder & CEO of Kyndi, discusses how to make this happen here.
  5. Think big. Start small. Get moving: the technology and tools for productivity transformation are here. Commit to identifying a reading task that will improve employee productivity—then automate that over the next few months. Then watch the benefits add up. Once you start, you’ll see the opportunities are endless.

Gartner always has a knack for identifying the top trends early. Get ahead of this trend and it will make a huge difference in your business. At Kyndi, we’re here to help you make it happen.