Five Takeaways from AI Summit NY 2019

Kyndi was an exhibitor at last week’s AI Summit in New York City. It was great to get feedback from organizations looking to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and learn more about the types of challenges they are facing. Below are a few our takeaways from the show:

RPA. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was a key theme at this year’s show. Catherine Calarco of Automation Anywhere spoke about how digital workers, combined with AI, are freeing up humans to do higher-order work.

Ethics and Transparency. As enterprise AI adoption has grown, so too have ethical concerns. Several speakers touched on the need for data privacy regulations and algorithmic transparency.

AI + Voice Technology. AI-enabled voice technology has gathered steam, but still has limitations when it comes to natural language. “We’re humans; we can talk back and forth,” said Mark Beccue, a principal analyst at Tractica. “We will refer to something we said 10 minutes ago, and a human can recognize that, but machines can’t.”

AI in Healthcare.  Artificial intelligence is gaining great traction in the healthcare sector. Kyndi CEO Ryan Welsh gave a presentation on how pharmaceutical companies are using AI to quickly find risk and quality insights in their long-form text data.

Federal Initiatives. Former Secretary of Energy Rick Perry used the opening keynote to discuss the potential of artificial intelligence and the current AI arms race. “In the next few years we’re going to be able to see answers to questions we’ve never been able to get to before,” said Perry. “We as a country are committed to expending the dollars and focusing on these artificial intelligence areas.”

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