AI: Adapting to New Worlds by Generating Ontologies

Six years ago, my family and I moved to America. When we got here, we had to come to terms with a whole new way of speaking/thinking/being. Things as simple as asking for “takeout” rather than “takeaway” when you were ordering food made a massive difference. Or for example, ordering a hamburger and being faced […]

Skipping stones: Language and the mystery of meaning

Kyndi works in the domain of modeling and understanding natural language. To explain why this is a worthy challenge, I’d like to share some thoughts on what makes language, or “unstructured data,” so hard to work with. Every piece of writing is more than the sum of its words. Think of writing—or speaking—as a way […]

Did Kyndi Upgrade PageRank?

In 2004, Kyndi’s Paul Tarau had an interesting idea. What if you could create an algorithm similar to Google’s PageRank algorithm that ranked the relative importance of words and sentences in text documents? The algorithm could be very useful in Natural Language Processing. It would extract the meaning from text documents and summarize it for […]

The Waves of AI

Kyndi is bringing a new type of AI to market. To explore how it’s new, let’s start with some AI characteristics using a scheme from DARPA. In this scheme, we can think about AI goals as having four categories: perceiving, learning, abstracting, and reasoning. Using these categories, we can see how AI has evolved, and where it […]

How would 1000 smart interns change your business?

Imagine having 1000 smart interns working for you for a single day. Now imagine what you could accomplish with them working for you every day — for free. What could 1000 interns do that would make a measurable difference to your business? How could they empower your people? This isn’t how we talk about AI […]

Building Global Partnerships at Kyndi

“We need to work with the rest of the world, as Kyndi will never own all the smart people,” says Michael Harries, CTO of Kyndi. “There are tremendous benefits in doing so. We’re a small company now, and as we grow, open innovation will become an ever larger part of our strategy for building, finding, […]

What AI Can (And Can’t) Teach Us About History

Combined, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data offer researchers in every field opportunities that didn’t exist a few short years ago. But as more data has become available to researchers, the ability to analyze this data in a meaningful way has become more and more problematic. In the “hard” sciences and especially in the social […]

John Sowa’s Legacy

In 1976, a computer scientist named John Sowa wrote a groundbreaking paper for the IBM Journal of Research and Development called “Conceptual Graphs for a Data Base Interface.” The paper was the culmination of research he had been doing since 1962 for IBM’s applied mathematics group. In the paper, Sowa introduced the conceptual graph, a […]

Is Truth The Theme for 2017? 

Can artificial intelligence help in the pursuit of truth? What is truth? How do we know when a thing is true? Philosophers have debated these age-old questions for centuries. The ancient Greeks believed a statement was true if it conformed to an external reality — in other words, a statement was true if it accurately […]

Making Knowledge Workers More Knowledgeable

As founder and CEO of Kyndi, Ryan Welsh maintains a high standard of company performance. “Our goal is to make people one hundred times faster and one hundred times smarter,” he says. The secret sauce for people of the future will be their work sidekick — artificial intelligence, in the form of a machine-driven sidekick.  […]