World Economic Forum: Kyndi Receives Prestigious Technology Pioneer Award 2021

By Subrata Chakrabarti, VP Marketing, Kyndi It is with great pride that we share the news that Kyndi, Inc. has been recognized as a recipient of the Technology Pioneer Award 2021 by the World Economic Forum (WEF). As a global provider of cognitive search and discovery solutions, Kyndi was selected among hundreds of candidates as […]

Is Truth The Theme for 2017? 

Can artificial intelligence help in the pursuit of truth? What is truth? How do we know when a thing is true? Philosophers have debated these age-old questions for centuries. The ancient Greeks believed a statement was true if it conformed to an external reality — in other words, a statement was true if it accurately […]

Making Knowledge Workers More Knowledgeable

As founder and CEO of Kyndi, Ryan Welsh maintains a high standard of company performance. “Our goal is to make people one hundred times faster and one hundred times smarter,” he says. The secret sauce for people of the future will be their work sidekick — artificial intelligence, in the form of a machine-driven sidekick.  […]