Six Key Takeaways from AI Summit New York

Kyndi™ was an exhibitor at this week’s AI Summit NY. We appreciated the feedback we received from organizations looking to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and learned more about the types of challenges they are facing. Here are our top takeaways from the conference:

1. Ethics and BiasAs adoption of AI technologies in the enterprise has grown, so too have ethical concerns. Many speakers touched on this issue, noting the importance of mitigating human bias that can seep into AI algorithms and the need for more diversity among AI developers.

2. Data-Informed DecisionsSecretary of Defense James Mattis recently said, “No time for conversations that are data free.” This sentiment was echoed at the summit, where organizations spoke about leveraging AI solutions to analyze their data and guide strategic decision-making.

3. The Future of Work. Concerns around job loss always come up when discussing artificial intelligence. Will AI eliminate jobs or augment them? While some jobs will be replaced, many believe the technology will free up workers to focus on more complex problems.

4. ExplainabilityBeing able to explain a system’s decision-making process is critical, especially with the rising adoption of AI in regulated industries. Bank of America’s Chief Operations and Technology Officer Cathy Bessant, who also spoke at the summit, tweeted, “Transparency is key — it allows us to capture the greatness of AI and avoid unintended outcomes!” She was also featured in a Wall Street Journal article on responsible AI earlier this week.

5. Making Sense of DataBeth Smith, GM of IBM Watson, noted, “We are in an era of exponential learning. AI is allowing us to unlock knowledge from all of the data that exists in the world…and 80% of data is inside companies.” In this time of data overload, organizations are realizing that AI is the key to increasing human productivity and gaining knowledge.

6. Solving Real Business ProblemsThe hype around AI continues to soar, but it’s important that organizations looking to adopt the technology know why they are pursuing it and have clear ROI goals. Attendee Adoniram Sides tweeted of Kyndi™ CEO Ryan Welsh’s presentation, “@kynditech talk was the first talk of the day to lay out the problem of deploying and using AI in a practical way. I suppose, given that explainability is their foundation, it makes sense.”

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