Six Takeaways from AI World 2019

Kyndi was excited to be a Platinum Sponsor of AI World in Boston last week. This conference is the fourth AI World Conference and Expo and is the largest independent business event focused on the practice of artificial intelligence in the enterprise. Over 2700 attendees joined the event. Plus we had a wonderful customer dinner at Ocean Prime, which I highly recommend if you are looking for a good restaurant in the Seaport area of Boston.

Below are six key learnings we had during the three-day event.

  1. Focus on the need for explainability and transparency. “Fairness, Trustworthiness, and Transparency for AI Systems” was a panel that was moderated by Karen Myers from SRI International. She explored the challenges of trustworthiness within AI.
  2. We made new friends with Seth Potter and Paul Walborsky from AI.Reverie. They recently received great coverage from The Economist magazine for their work in computer vision. Learn about their work tracking elephants and see how young Paul looks in his LinkedIn profile picture.
  3. Ryan Welsh from Kyndi and Faye O’Brien from AstraZeneca shared the stage for a discussion about a practical application of AI around Corrective Actions/Preventative Actions. Ryan asked, “What if you could actually find answers in the raw text captured in systems like Trackwise?” Faye shared that “…this approach would allow quality personnel to ask more, better questions and test various hypotheses. It allows risk and quality personnel to prioritize and focus on the most important topics in-depth and expose gaps in the data…”
  4. Gregory North talked about the trend around data labeling as a service. He highlighted new services from Amazon Web Services and DataRobot that help improve the ease of use around RPA.
  5. Elif Tutuk, the AVP of Qlik Research, discussed how workflows are changing and analytics are the new voice for digital workers or robots. The world is changing rapidly. Be sure you have your dashboards in place to track analytics across structured and unstructured data.
  6. Caught up with Nick Patience, the founder of 451 Research. Always learn something from Nick when we speak. He shared some great insights around a slide which he then converted into a blog over the weekend — was a good summary of practical applications and how to take advantage of the AI opportunities ahead. Definitely worth the read.

Thanks to Howard Weinman and the team at AIWorld. Another great event. Appreciate the opportunity.