Six Things We Learned at AI Summit 2019 – San Francisco

Last week, we joined 6000 attendees at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. A beautiful part of the city, albeit quite warm for San Francisco as the temperatures hit 90 degrees. Wanted to share our learnings from the week.

1) Great quote from the US CTO – Need to get AI right.
“Our future rests on getting AI right. AI will support the jobs of the future. It is and will continue to drive our economic growth. It is advancing our national security, and it is improving our daily lives. When we lead in AI, it will drive our free and prosperous future.”

Michael Kratsios, US CTO and head of White House Office of Science and Technology

2) Need to continue to innovate – fast. AI Innovator of the Year Award Winner
Winner: Allie Miller, US Head of Artificial Intelligence Growth for Start-ups and Venture Capital, Amazon
Allie Miller works at Amazon as the US Head of AI Business Development for Start-ups and Venture Capital, advancing the greatest AI companies in the world with AWS. Previously, Allie was the youngest-ever woman to build an artificial intelligence product at IBM.

3) AI does have some very cool, fun things going on. Speed racing with drones.
Lockheed Martin and The Drone Racing League are working with Nvidia on this effort.

4) AI and Humans Need Each Other
Great article by Mark Labbe about why AI is not all about automation. We need humans in the loop. Ryan Welsh, CEO of Kyndi, was highlighted in the article.

5) It’s all about the prep.
“80% of the work is data cleaning, tagging and preparation and maybe 20% is actual analytics.”
Thomas Stubbs, The Coca-Cola Company.

6) Explainable AI and Insights
“Ask a Data Scientist for insights, not numbers.” Shefaili Dua, Chief of Staff Analytics at Genpact. The importance of Explainable AI was a hot topic.

Look forward to seeing you at the next event.
Please let me know what you learned at the AI Summit or any other way that we can help you.

Amy Guarino