The Fastest Route to Insight

McKinsey once said that ’companies hire 5 employees, but only 4 show up. The 5th is looking for information instead of adding value to the business.’

And this productivity problem has been a direct result of inadequate technology.

Without the right technical solution, your staff end up searching through growing quantities of reports, manuals, emails, research documents, and more to find insights. Searching for keywords means sifting through long lists of irrelevant results or worse, missing important content that doesn’t precisely match the keyword. And it takes a very long time!

But you don’t have to settle. Today, term-based search is being replaced with cognitive search—a smarter, faster way to obtain the accurate insights your team needs to identify trends, anticipate opportunities, and make informed decisions. They can do so using conversational and natural language.

Kyndi Reading Automation Platform is a next generation AI platform designed to excel at cognitive search. This platform is engineered for speed, accuracy, and relevancy. It empowers your team with cognitive search capabilities by ingesting large volumes of the text-heavy content you thought you couldn’t analyze—without any lengthy training. Kyndi Reading Automation platform employs a combination of unsupervised machine learning, neural networks, and knowledge-based reasoning that generates full comprehension of the content with the context—not just keywords.

With Kyndi, better intelligence and insights will connect your employees with next step actions faster, while still using the natural language terms they use every day. The discovery is faster, the insights are better. You gain a competitive edge by addressing the productivity problem with a superior technology.

Watch this video to see how you can get full productivity from all your team members: