What if You Had 10 More Hours Every Work Week?

It’s fair to say that employees have never had to work harder or more creatively than in this challenging year. Working from home, balancing more—time is more precious than it ever was.

While many workflows have been digitized, for most employees one process has not changed at all – how we read. But the amount of information that needs to be read by employees has changed. It’s increasing at more than 40% per year. No wonder the average employee spends more than 10 hours each week just searching for information.

Thankfully, the reading process CAN be transformed. There’s a new way to help you read and comprehend dramatically more information in significantly less time. The Kyndi Reading Automation Platform uses cutting-edge AI technology to digest large quantities of text information and allows you to instantly identify the most important information you need to work effectively. And it’s incredibly easy to use.

Think of what you and your business could achieve if you—and countless other workers—could regain those 10 hours a week…..

No doubt, it would be amazing.

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