Kyndi is a venture-backed startup building the world’s first commercially-available natural language understanding platform. We have found methods to map structural symbolic representations into continuous computing methods, allowing us to use a range of techniques from both symbolic and non-symbolic AI. Our solutions address the challenges of classification transparency, transfer learning and learning from small sets.

While our customers today use the Kyndi technology to forecast and understand emerging areas of science and technology, tomorrow’s users and customers will be everyday scientists, doctors, lawyers, executives, and many more.

We are growing our Palo Alto-based team and have immediate need for a Tools/DevOps engineer; remote candidates may be considered if the fit is ideal. If the following job description is a match for your experience, please contact us at


We are looking for a hands-on engineer who can help us set up and run great tools and a microservice (or ‘right-sized’ services) infrastructure.  If you have the skills we list, or at least a strong subset, and have demonstrated an ability to learn what you don’t already know, consider this role!

We believe that an enterprise class Continuous Integration system is key to smooth, high quality development: We are looking for strong Maven (Gradle?), Jenkins, JIRA, Git, Perforce, Artifactory, scripting, coding, and related skills.   Perhaps you have some good ideas on how we can hook this all together.

We are aiming for services from the start.   We hope to leverage Docker (and VMs) on Centos with Kubernetes (Or Mesos, or Swarm…).  We need expertise in these areas, and Linux admin savvy in general.   To automate our configuration we need some combination of expertise on Chef/Terraform/Puppet/Packer…

AWS will be our initial cloud target, but would like to maintain an open stack as much as possible.   So knowledge of AWS, open source equivalent tools, Google Cloud, Azure, and other related techs is important.

The more you know about security, networking, and software engineering, the better!  We will need to set up a good monitoring and metrics system probably based upon a subset of New Relic/DataDog/Splunk/Ruxit etc.

Communication skills matter.  You will talk with great engineers to figure out what they are doing and how to make the process and systems work together.

We are ready to start on this today.   Are you?

Contact us at

We are also looking for experts in the following areas.  Even if you don’t see your ideal job listed here, if you feel you have what it takes, reach out to us. For the right skill set, we are willing to consider candidates with unique backgrounds or who are located outside the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Computational Linguist
  • Web Application engineer
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Quantum Computing Specialist
  • Build Master
  • Logic Programming Specialist
  • Machine Learning (beyond deep learning)
  • User Experience
  • Ontology Engineering

We offer

  • An amazing mission with potential of global reach
  • Friendly, supportive, and creative work environment
  • A commitment to personal professional development
  • Competitive compensation

If this is intriguing and you’d like to contribute, we can be reached at

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