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Kyndi believes AI should amplify your senses, to help you see something you couldn't see before.

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AI Should Solve A Business Problem

Artificial intelligence solutions for the enterprise are receiving plenty of attention as “the next big thing,” but practical implementation of AI to solve real-world business problems remains elusive to most companies. A recent MIT Sloan Management Review study surveyed more than 3,000 executives, managers and analysts and discovered that almost 85% believed AI would “allow

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AI Can Spur Productivity Growth: Insights from Global Big Data Conference

At the recent 5th Annual Global Big Data Conference, KyndiTM Founder and CEO Ryan Welsh gave a talk entitled “AI Creating Actionable Knowledge, Faster.” He addressed the capabilities of the foundational artificial intelligence (AI) approaches and outlined Kyndi’s next generation AI solution. The Kyndi solution leverages an advanced anticipatory intelligence model that gives users an

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3 Major Defense Intelligence Trends from DoDIIS

Earlier this month we attended the Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference, and did a demonstration of Kyndi’s Anticipatory Computing Environment. This year’s theme was “cybersecurity” and featured senior leaders from the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and partnering civilian, military and industry solutions providers. We were excited to participate in the

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