CIO Applications Magazine Names Kyndi a 2017 Top 25 AI Solution Provider

Artificial intelligence innovator honored for its groundbreaking approach that moves Natural Language Processing closer to achieving true Natural Language Understanding

June 13, 2017 – Palo Alto, CA – Kyndi, the pioneering artificial intelligence company, announced it has been recognized by CIO Applications magazine in its list of Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers 2017. The list of honorees appears in the magazine’s June 2017 “Artificial Intelligence” issue.

“We are glad to announce Kyndi as one among the Top 25 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers 2017. Kyndi is a leading player in the Artificial Intelligence landscape, and their progress and advancement in the Artificial Intelligence space is impressive. We are pleased to recognize Kyndi for symbolic AI; an exemplary way to unify symbolic and numeric approaches into a single solution,” said Sarah Wilson, Managing Editor of CIO Applications.

“We are honored to be included in CIO Applications’ list of Top AI Solution Providers.  The high-impact business insights gleaned from Kyndi’s product make knowledge workers 100 times smarter, 100 times faster, contributing real value for enterprise customers,” said Ryan Welsh, CEO at Kyndi.

Kyndi patented algorithms and tools quickly distill massive amounts of unstructured textual data into high-impact business insights. It converts natural language content into information that can be used by executives and knowledge workers to answer specific questions and provides deeper insight by answering questions that users didn’t even think to ask. Examples of how Kyndi’s product can be utilized include:

  • Financial analysts and portfolio managers can better anticipate market changes and invest accordingly
  • IT and cybersecurity organizations may uncover the next malware threat before it is recognized by others
  • Merger and acquisition teams will more quickly identify good purchase and partnership opportunities
  • R&D and product development teams can discover overlooked technology concepts
  • Sales and marketing departments could more accurately anticipate their customers’ next purchase

Kyndi researchers are leading the third wave of artificial intelligence. The first two waves – handcrafted knowledge and statistical learning systems – delivered gains in reasoning, perceiving, and learning from structured data sources, but were far less effective with natural language input. In this third wave, Kyndi adds symbolic logic and statistics to the mix, unlocking the power and promise of true natural language understanding.

According to CIO Applications, a recent survey of business and technology professionals found that 58% of them are researching AI, but only 12% are currently using AI systems. The magazine’s editors and contributors predict 2017 will be the year CIOs will start leveraging AI more fully to gain operational efficiencies.

About Kyndi

Kyndi’s natural language understanding platform extracts intelligence and insights from unstructured textual data with a thoroughness and speed unmatched by any existing artificial intelligence (AI) technology or human team. By uniquely combining symbolic and statistical AI, its technology dramatically reduces the time, people, resources and costs needed to quickly and successfully conduct critical analyses for government, healthcare, finance and multinational businesses. Kyndi’s groundbreaking effectiveness led one defense industry client to say “Kyndi completed a year of work in a day.” For more information on Kyndi, visit

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