Harvard Business Review names Kyndi among “most important startups” in AI

While academics and startups have consistently shown interest in machine intelligence, Harvard Business Review found that in 2016 more Fortune 500 executives were asking questions about machine intelligence than startup founders. From making talent more productive to finding value from new sources of data, the impact of machine intelligence is pervasive in almost every industry.

Those companies who harness its power early will likely have an industry advantage; top executives looking for the edge in AI also have more tools than ever at their disposal. HBR compiled a list of the most important startups in AI offering enterprise solutions, including Kyndi in their “internal data” category.

There is a clear opportunity for machine intelligence to dramatically improve productivity. “Economists have long wondered why the so-called computing revolution has failed to deliver productivity gains. Machine intelligence will finally realize computing’s promise.” Read more about the competitive landscape for machine intelligence here.