Kyndi Founder and Chief Scientist Arun Majumdar Presents at Confluence 2017 Disruptor Showcase

Palo Alto, Calif., May 16, 2017   Kyndi, the pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) company, today revealed that Arun Majumdar, Kyndi’s Founder and Chief Scientist, recently presented “The Spring of AI” as part of a panel discussion at the recent Confluence 2017 Disruptor Showcase.

Majumdar shared the stage with Kunaal Mahanti from Wipro, Alexei Dunayev from TranscribeMe, and Chetan Ghai from Narrative Science. These four experts conveyed their differing perspectives on artificial intelligence, machine learning, the maturity and future of the technologies, and how developments in these areas affect knowledge workers.

Highlights shared by Majumdar regarding AI and Kyndi included:

  • “Kyndi’s goal in life is to make every knowledge worker 100 times faster, 100 times more effective in the work that they do every day.”
  • “Our belief is that artificial intelligence is there not to help you see down the road, but really to help you see around the corners.”
  • “Knowledge workers are the people we service, so we don’t look to replace them.”
  • “AI is there to amplify your senses. To help you see something you couldn’t see before.”

The panel discussed each company’s complex relationship to data, including effectively learning from data, the processes of restructuring data, or methods for cleaning up data. Each panelist also shared business models, revenue drivers, use cases, and customer acquisition unique to their AI solutions.

“It was an honor to present Kyndi’s transformative approach to extracting intelligence from massive amounts of unstructured data. With our proprietary model we provide business-critical insights in a quick and efficient manner, ultimately saving companies time and money,” explained Majumdar.

Watch the full discussion in the video below:

About Kyndi

Kyndi’s natural language understanding platform extracts intelligence and insights from unstructured textual data with a thoroughness and speed unmatched by any existing artificial intelligence (AI) technology or human team. By uniquely combining symbolic and statistical AI, its technology dramatically reduces the time, people, resources and costs needed to quickly and successfully conduct critical analyses for government, healthcare, finance and multinational businesses. Kyndi’s groundbreaking effectiveness led one defense industry client to say “Kyndi completed a year of work in a day.”

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