Kyndi In The News: Series B Funding

KyndiTM recently announced the closing of its Series B fundraising round with major venture investors including PivotNorth Capital, Darling Ventures and Citrix Systems. This $8.5 million round brings Kyndi’s total funding to $12 million. The announcement was covered by several media outlets including SiliconAngle.

Eric David from SiliconAngle reports, “New artificial intelligence startups seem to be popping up every week, but investors still cannot seem to get enough of them as the AI industry continues to soar. Kyndi, a Palo Alto-based AI startup, is one of the latest companies to get a piece of the AI funding pie, as it announced today that it has closed an $8.5 million funding round.”

Among Kyndi’s AI solutions, David noted Kyndi’s predictive horizon scanning, which can help organizations mitigate risk or take advantage of opportunities. An example of this is the fast analysis of hundreds of documents to predict how one country’s space program would perform in comparison to others. Kyndi’s natural language processing can also parse scholarly journals and other resources, providing companies with the latest scientific research and competitive insights in their industries. Companies can also use Kyndi’s AI to create powerful chatbots that can provide answers without the need to be specifically trained for every use case. Read the full article here.

Additional coverage of Kyndi’s funding announcement included, FinSMEs, Fortune, NewsCenter, Silicon Valley Business Journal, CrunchBase, and Silicon Valley Daily.