What is the market problem?

Pressure is intense in every organization to know more and do more, faster and understand the why. Artificial intelligence promises to unlock new levels of insight and productivity, to help companies see risks, find opportunities and answer hard questions about how to address them.

Today’s AI solutions are not designed to help answer the hardest questions easily:
1. They can’t analyze long-form text – 80% of data in most organizations is unstructured, consisting of text in documents like quality reports, HR exit interviews, accident reports, incoming intelligence reports, support tickets, scientific papers, call transcripts, analyst reports, corporate email and more. Most AI is missing the valuable wisdom hidden in the majority of their reference material.
2. They’re stuck on keywords – Many AI solutions use individual words and have trouble suggesting related concepts and interpretations that get to the heart of the matter.
3. Deploying AI is slow and inefficient – Many AI solutions require 2-3 months to label and load massive quantities of data and “teach” the system before it can answer questions. This can prevent the AI from being accurate or used at all on questions with smaller data sets. It also delays insights on time sensitive questions.
4. The AI process is slow and inefficient – Users can only explore one idea at a time in a slow, methodical manner instead of being able to see related concepts that help refine their question, drill down and infer better answers.
5. Many AI solutions are ‘black boxes’ – They don’t share the rationale and raw materials behind results. They don’t help you trace the process, prioritize the documents that should be reviewed in detail or explain outcomes to decision makers. For regulated industries this can be a huge legal and financial risk.

Although 90% of organizations are investing in AI today, only 17% have been able to scale AI according to KPMG.

Examples of hard questions

With standard AI you may be able to answer Yes/No questions. But the hardest questions often require more nuanced, complex answers. Questions like:
• Do I have a quality problem? If so, how big is it?
• What are the actionable insights I can address to reduce risk?
• What are new trends that are affecting our business? Which are the ones that pose the most risk?
• What are the root causes of issues related to manufacturing yield?
• How can I recognize customers most likely to switch before they leave? What’s the most important thing I should do to retain them?

Who is Kyndi?

Kyndi provides leading artificial intelligence software that helps you answer your hardest questions. Kyndi’s AI can analyze all of your longform text in a faster, smarter and more explainable way than any other AI software on the market. Kyndi helps you find actionable insights and prioritize where you should look to interpret, refine and defend those insights. With Kyndi, you can find answers that were completely inaccessible to you before – helping you innovate and grow faster.

Why is Kyndi's product different and better?

Find answers in text: Kyndi excels in analyzing longform text like paragraphs, documents, reports and email, looking where other AI would never find an answer.
Ask more questions with smaller data sets: Kyndi doesn’t need the long hours of training or labeling other AI systems do, but can teach the system from as few as 10 documents. This gives you unprecedented freedom to ask the strategic and emerging questions even if you have small data sets.
Concepts, not Keywords: And it can identify concepts — not just words — to infer an answer, even when an exact phrase does not appear.
Drill into what’s important: Kyndi’s software is a prioritization engine that shows you where you should focus on reviewing the most important materials in depth.
Improve consistency: Kyndi’s ability to read and interpret thousands of documents simultaneously eliminates bias and inconsistency of human readers.
Find actionable insights: Kyndi allows you to identify cause and effect within data, track trends and generate answers you can trust to make better decisions. With Kyndi AI = Actionable Insights.

Read faster: Kyndi can read, analyze and categorize complex, deep documents in a matter of hours. At one customer it took a year for an analyst to analyze 1000 documents. Kyndi’s software took 7 hours, clocking a speed more than 275 times faster than a human analyst.
Deploy faster: Because Kyndi needs less data to train, you can begin querying within hours or days (depending on the project size), instead of the average 4.5 months of typical AI projects.
Iterate faster: Kyndi’s agile modeling gives you related concepts and suggestions during your search so you can drill down, refine your search and find the most accurate answers.

More Explainable
Open AI’s ‘black box’: Kyndi helps you trace the process, validate the outputs and provide an auditable trail of reasoning. With Kyndi, you can be confident in your answers and defend them to stakeholders and regulators.