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How ‘Explainability’ is Driving the
Future of Artificial Intelligence
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Cognilytica Briefing Note: Kyndi
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On-Demand Webinar, Explainable AI – What is it? Why do you care?
A Discussion between Ryan Welsh, CEO, Kyndi and Don LaVallee, former Director of Strategic Business Operations and IT at SHARP Microelectronics of the Americas.

Upcoming Events

Collision 2018
Kyndi Founder and CEO Ryan Welsh will be a panelist at Collision’s Growth Summit on May 2nd.

Event Dates: April 30-May 3
Location: Ernst N. Morial Convention Center | New Orleans, LA

Finovate Spring 2018
Kyndi has been selected to demo its Explainable AI™ platform at Finovate Spring 2018 on May 8th.

Event Dates: May 8-11
Location: Santa Clara Convention Center | Santa Clara, CA

Kyndi Technology

Kyndi Patent # US 9,158,847 B1: Cognitive Memory
For Kyndi, conceptual graphs represent knowledge. Our Cognitive Memory patent works with and manipulates conceptual graphs, making it possible to accomplish different tasks very rapidly.

Kyndi Patent # US 8,566,321 B2: Conceptual Relativity
For machines to understand symbols (which represent knowledge), domain ontology—a range of background knowledge—is needed. Our Conceptual Relativity patent explains some of the methods Kyndi uses to create domain ontologies for new domains.

Kyndi Patent # US 2016/0328253 A1: Quanton
Kyndi’s Quanton patent has found a way to emulate the results of a permutational quantum computer for a large class of problems relevant to the Kyndi solution, specifically to the creation of ontologies and to making inferences from a large volume of data.

True Natural Language Understanding: How Does Kyndi Numeric Mapping Work?
Kyndi is pioneering methods that bring natural language understanding to the enterprise, allowing knowledge workers using Kyndi technology to be more productive. This whitepaper introduces the basic technology underlying Kyndi’s Natural Language Understanding.

Industry Insight

Deloitte Tech Trends 2017 
Highlighting trends across a number of evolving technologies, this report includes an interview with Arun Majumdar on the potential of artificial intelligence. See section titled “Exponentials Watch List.”