The Market Problem

While artificial intelligence has offered promise in enabling reading automation, implementing solutions has been slow, complicated, and often unsuccessful. That’s because today’s AI solutions:

  • Can’t analyze long-form text well – 80% of data in most organizations is unstructured text. Most AI is not designed to find the hidden intelligence in text required to effectively enable reading automation.
  • Are limited to keywords – Many AI solutions can only search for exact word matches and can’t identify related concepts. In addition, these solutions can’t pinpoint or prioritize documents that should be reviewed in detail—one of the most critical reading automation use cases.
  • Require months just to train the system – AI solutions typically require 2-3 months to label and load massive quantities of data and “teach” the system before a reading automation model can be developed. This delays access to insights from time-sensitive content or issues that have smaller text-based data sets (e.g. analyzing quality reports on new products.)
  • Provide only ‘black box’ results – Most AI solutions produce blind judgments without explanation, presenting significant legal and financial risk for regulated industries. Kyndi provides you with the tools necessary to create traceable and interpretable results.

Businesses need an AI solution to automate complex content-driven processes more quickly, in a more explainable way.


Kyndi’s Reading Automation platform is specifically designed to unlock the intelligence in unstructured text so that businesses can quickly automate more content-driven processes and obtain superior, more explainable insights.

SMARTER. Automate more reading processes for greater efficiencies:

  • Kyndi’s platform is engineered to consume and analyze the unstructured text that represents about 80% of enterprise data to automate a wide variety of reading processes that were not feasible before.
  • Kyndi’s text AI maps and interrelates topics (not just keywords), providing users with superior intelligence so they’re better able to spot and track trends.
  • Kyndi highlights and prioritizes opportunities for further reading. By spotlighting important content to read closely, Kyndi significantly improves user productivity.

FASTER. Automate reading processes quickly to get timely results:

  • Kyndi reads faster, analyzing and categorizing large volumes of complex, long-form text in hours. It took an analyst at one Kyndi customer a year to analyze 1000 documents. Kyndi took just seven hours – 275 times faster than the human analyst.
  • Kyndi deploys faster, distinguishing concepts in text without having to label data to radically reduce the amount of data and time required to train the system. Customers can begin querying data within minutes to hours (depending on the project size), instead of the average 4.5 months for typical AI projects.
  • Kyndi makes it easy to embed reading automation into applications where your key documents live, people do their work and where critical business processes are initiated. Customers can use Kyndi’s powerful engines and tools to apply AI-powered reading automation capabilities in their own apps.

MORE EXPLAINABLE. Automate reading processes and get explainable insights:

  • Kyndi Reading Automation platform opens AI’s ‘black box,’ allowing organizations to trace the origin of insights directly to the source document they came from. This provides organizations with an auditable trail of reasoning if they need to explain their output to stakeholders or regulators.

Pharmaceuticals – Cognitive Search and Extraction

Drug discovery is becoming increasingly competitive and expensive. Pharma organizations are on a mission to increase the efficiency of every phase of the drug development lifecycle. Their challenge: the intelligence they need is typically hidden in large quantities of long-form text.

From R&D to manufacturing to marketing, pharma staff can use Kyndi’s Reading Automation platform to become more productive and proactive by:

  • Querying a knowledge base of manufacturing reports to help spot quality issues sooner.
  • Searching through medical literature and reports to produce well-referenced promotional material that verifies claims and accurately answers patient questions.
  • Developing dashboards that track the number and type of quality-related keywords and phrases frequently reported in clinical study reports and complaints on an ongoing basis.

Defense – Cognitive Search and Extraction

Today’s government agencies must intuit the signals among a growing tsunami of data to produce information that’s timely, accurate, objective, and useful to identify potential threats. Their challenge: the information they need is buried within huge volumes of unstructured text, which have been notoriously hard to search, edit and analyze.

Kyndi’s Reading Automation platform can help agencies create apps to identify and track the intelligence that is most important:

  • Creating an AI-powered intelligence dashboard to quickly understand keywords and phrases mentioned in massive document drops.
  • Querying large volumes of long-form text to identify the most relevant information, then extract and precisely locate exactly the content they need with unprecedented speed.

Financial Services – Cognitive Search, Extraction and Intelligent Process Automation

The financial services industry is facing a new kind of competitor. Brick and mortar banks must compete with agile fintech organizations that benefit from fast, low-cost operations. Their challenge: to efficiently evaluate vast quantities of unstructured text, so they can accelerate decision-making on loan evaluations, mortgage approvals, and new account authorizations while still ensuring they can trace each decision point to satisfy industry regulations.

Kyndi can help them:

  • Process large volumes of unstructured text to identify important keywords and phrases that help provide an overview of an applicant’s financial track record.
  • Query the content to drill down on financial records and behaviors to assess risk and identify those resources that could be most helpful in making lending decisions.
  • Utilize Kyndi’s Explainable AI advantages to document the specific sources used in their evaluation process for regulators
  • Incorporate Intelligent Process Automation bots into workflows.

Manufacturing – Cognitive Search and Extraction

The manufacturing industry is transforming operations to speed products to market and reduce costs. As they implement robotics and autonomous machinery, integrate global supply chains, and automate customer and employee service capabilities, they need to keep their finger on the pulse of product quality and customer sentiment. Their challenge: to rapidly consume large quantities of long-form text to quickly detect quality issues, proactively identify resource gaps and monitor customer satisfaction.

Kyndi’s Reading Automation platform can help them extract the relevant intelligence to gain timely insights into operations and customer trends:

  • Creating dashboards based on text in customer support questions, complaints, and manufacturing repair reports to track types of defects and their frequency.
  • Enabling robust customer support, supplier, and employee wikis that allow natural language queries so people can rapidly get the answers to their questions.
  • Drilling down into customer surveys and focus group transcripts to identify desired features and benefits, so they can anticipate trends and develop the right new products at the right time.

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