Strategy and Planning

Preventing surprise—such as the sudden appearance of a new technology or political development—is critical to preserving long-term competitiveness, be it a technologically advanced military or an industry-leading company.

Knowledge workers in public and private sectors analyze and disseminate value-added information to avoid such surprises. Strategic thinking and informed planning fosters foresight—developing ideas about what plausible futures might look like—to support an organization’s long-term objectives for strategic direction and risk management.

The volume and breadth of information—hundreds of thousands of pages published every month—make it difficult and time-consuming to leverage all the data and nearly impossible for analysts to make sense of it all. As a result, essential information is missed, and opportunities and threats go undiscovered.

Our technology allows your strategy and planning process to be dramatically better, as human analysts can now spend the majority of their time on qualitative research and can discover new knowledge. Strategy and planning use-cases include mitigating the risk of technology surprise, prioritizing R&D programs, improving ROI, and identifying potential investments and divestments.


In virtually any industry, from financial services to healthcare to government, to name only a few, complying with laws, regulations, and policies is crucial.

The smallest oversight could lead to enormous amounts of time and money wasted, as well as severe legal jeopardy. To understand your continually changing world of compliance, as well as ensure that your business is always meeting those requirements, Kyndi is building Explainable AI™ solutions that help you become and remain compliant.

By creating and training a language-based model tailored specifically to your industry, the Kyndi Platform can process a broad range of transaction logs, purchase and loan agreements, or any report to let you know if you are compliant. If something of concern is found, the source of this material will be immediately available so that you can quickly get on top of the problem and correct it.


With the proliferation of content, we are now far beyond our ability to process and find everything that is important to us.

Every day, we inevitably miss valuable data points and insights, as well as critical knowledge. The Kyndi Platform is the solution to this problem. Our software excels at understanding and extracting meaning from your internal data sets, especially unstructured data.

Importantly, the Kyndi Platform provides contextual answers to your natural questions and extracts a suite of signals from text to provide you with in-depth insight, and can help you to discover knowledge in your data you didn’t even know was there. Equally important, Kyndi enables you to become knowledgeable and insightful dramatically faster, so you can move quickly and decisively to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate potential threats.